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Generix Facades sources stone from the UK and around the globe and shipped to our UK processing and manufacturing facilites, enabling bespoke designs to be created at low cost yet high quality.

stone cladding

Britain's long and complex geological history has produced a diverse range of stone types, many of which have been quarried for building purposes over the centuries. Some of the country's building stone quarries have operated continuously since earliest times.

Stone cladding facade systems provide a natural finish to complement and harmonise with their surroundings, often in conservation areas among long standing, traditionally built stone projects.

Natural stone rainscreen systems have evolved with clients and architects still looking to achieve a natural stone facade but, with the benefits of reduced weight, shorter construction programmes and the cost reductions associated with the use of thinner stone.

With the requirement for a reduced build time and costs, new through wall build ups have evolved. These new construction methods have facilitated the growth of rainscreen cladding systems which are lightweight, quick to install and well suited to these newer methods of construction.

  • Key features of generix
  • Fast track construction technique
  • Universal substructure arrangement
  • Varied panel options
  • Fully sustainable
  • Cost effective

generix lite

generix lite is a time efficient and intuitive to install system, allowing for rapid build programmes to be maintained.

Adopting a value engineered cladding solution generix lite uses a 20 - 30mm natural stone panel with a 90 degree horizontal kerf. The panels are secured to the generix lite vertical rail using the patented one piece four way stainless steel clip attached by Tekscrews. Neoprene strip and generix lite adhesive facilitate wind anti-rattle and assists impact resistance as proven by successful tests carried out to latest CWCT standards. 

As a natural product generix lite cladding and facade systems are widely acknowledged as being A1 rated non combustible.

A building finished with generix lite natural stone cladding has a natural elegance to it that gives it a timeless quality. Stone cladding is also the natural choice for leading edge buildings that are required to attune with their surroundings in conservation hot spots, amongst more traditional stone-built structures. Our stone cladding solutions range from traditional 20-30mm stone rainscreen to lightweight large format panels.



A1 Classified porcelain rainscreen system. Exclusive to Generix Facades Ltd in the UK.

Generix Infinity, exclusive to Generix Facades Ltd in the UK.

Our extruded A1 Classified porcelain rainscreen system has excellent technical qualities for facades: high strength, light weight and benefits from excellent durability and low water absorption.

This rainscreen tile, which is marketed under the brand Infinity is specially designed to be anchored onto the Generix Lite support structure and ensure a quick and easy installation of the system. A product that stands out forits lightness (weighing 32 kg / m2 only) and durability.

Its unique design allows it to be fully interchangeable with our natural stone Generix Lite system, where a combination of stone and porcelain can be applied.

The new Infinity range  is available in nineteen finishes:

For bespoke finishes please make contact as we provide a matching service for those extra special projects.


A new brick cladding system that combines the natural beauty of a clay brick finish, with a mechanically fixed fast track aluminium rail installation.
Extruded clay brick tiles are specifically manufactured to fix mechanically to an extruded aluminium 3 course backing section. These profiled interlocking lengths are mounted in horizontal rows onto the generix lite vertical aluminium support system, and the brick tiles are then clicked in place prior to the mortar being applied. 
Quick and easy to install genbrix not only reduces installation time dramatically but is also ideal for tight access sites where storage and access are a concern. 
With an extensive range of colours and textures available genbrix is a versatile product which can be mounted to a face, at an angle or as a soffit giving a dynamic finish at an extremely competitive price. 


A1 Classified porcelain rainscreen system. Exclusive to Generix Facades Ltd in the UK.

The latest innovation from generix facades, stoneglass. A new material that combines the advantages of glass with the solidity and durability of stone.
Similar to the formation of natural granite stoneglass is produced by a process of dissolving and crystallising silicon particles, but with stoneglass a better crystalline structure is acheived.
stoneglass tiles are more resistant to acid and alkalis than marble, granite or quartz. An inorganic material with high chemical stability, the surface of the product does not suffer UV degradation, whilst also being non-absorbent and easy to clean.
An attractive luminous effect is created as light is evenly reflected across the surface.
The material is manufactured by a process which achieves crystallisation without the use of resins or solvents ensuring the product is completely recyclable, A1 non-combustible and does not contain any components or substances harmful to health.
Available in white and black polished or matte, stoneglass by generix will give any project a unique and modern appearance with added strength, reliability and durability.

rectification & cutting service

Generix offer a UK based rectification and cutting service that enables any facade installer to efficiently change panel / tile dimensions should alterations be necessary, without delaying any project with elongated lead times for replacements arriving from abroad.

Generix have a wide range of bespoke stone cutting machinery that enables us to resize, re-kerf, mitre and undercut rainscreen tiles in a 'just in time' environment.

Generix are always looking to the latest technology available to make the above processing more efficient wherever possible. We are currently in the process of having a specific generix rainscreen tile production line (cnc) commissioned that will allow the production and rectification of stone panels to be machined to the latest industry standards.

frequently asked questions

  • What thickness is the stone?
  • The generix lite system is available in thicknesses of 20 and 30mm, and the generix plus system is available in thicknesses of 30-50mm.
    Please contact our team who can advise which system is best suited to the stone type required.
  • What are the standard sizes of the stone panels?
  • This depends upon the stone type, the standard size is 900mm long by 450mm high. If larger panel sizes are required please contact our team.
  • Can the system be installed vertically? i.e. in portrait rather than landscape?
  • Yes
  • Is the system tested?
  • The generix lite system has been fully tested to current CWCT standards at Wintech Engineering, which includes compliance with the NHBC technical note TN76.
  • Is the system quicker to install than traditional handset stone cladding?
  • Yes, approximately 2.5/3 times quicker to install.
  • What is the life expectancy of the system?
  • generix lite has 60 years durability to BRE Digest 346 Part 7.
  • Can Architectural features be incorporated within the system in stone?
  • Yes fabricated specials are available.
  • What are the joint sizes?
  • Typically 6mm vertical and horizontal, the horizontal is always 6mm and cannot be adjusted, however the vertical can be closed up.
  • Can we supply cills and copings in the same stone with the system?
  • Yes
  • Can we supply the system with curved (radius) panels?
  • Yes. Please consult our team for further details.

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